Women and Aging

Why is Progesterone Replacement Necessary?
November 6, 2017
Testosterone Thyroid and Stem Cells
November 28, 2017


 With age comes a natural diminished capacity for cellular protein synthesis, a decline in immune function, an increase in fat mass, loss of muscle mass and strength and a decrease in bone density.

Age related disability is the result of this process unless steps are taken to stop or delay this process. Physical frailty includes falls, fractures, impairment in daily activity and loss of strength. Osteoarthritis also results in this same end result.

TRADITIONALLY, this age-related process has been considered to be physiological and unavoidable, BUT in recent years an increasing number of people are not willing to accept the grim stereotype of aging as an unalterable process of decline and loss.

There are now “routine” medical intervention programs offering long-term replacement therapy of multiple declining hormones.  Obviously, the goal of any treatment regime is to attempt to delay the aging process and to allow us to live a longer period in a relatively intact state.     

As an example, studies have shown that estrogen replacement therapy helps protects against the development of Alzheimer’s Dementia in postmenopausal women. 

Women who use hormones have a 30% or more lower all-cause mortality than those not using hormones in another study.

A proper balance of hormones is critical to well-being and good health. Transition to menopause and its changing hormonal milieu are strongly associated with new onset of depressed mood among women with no history of depression.

Testosterone and DHEA have been shown in some studies to have antidepressant effects and DHEA has been shown to be an effective adjunct to treatment for midlife-onset major and minor depression.

Testosterone treatment increases collagen in the skin and increases skin thickness. It improves skin texture, decreases wrinkles and decreases fat deposition and cellulite. Testosterone increases energy, strength, and endurance and improves muscle mass and maintains metabolism.

Lack of energy and drive are the factors that most negatively affect the quality of life for most older women.

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