Lipoblast Infusion

Lipoblast IV Infusion for Weight Loss

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W e have partnered with IV Health Center to offer the new, Lipoblast IV infusion therapy. The Lipoblast infusion therapy is comprised of a process of three infusions:

  • proprietary Lipoblast infusion (30 minutes)
  • Vitamin/Mineral infusion (20 mins)
  • Glutathione push (5 mins)
A total of 55 minutes, twice a week, should result in significant fat loss. Lipoblast intravenously targets all areas of fat deposits.  A reasonable diet that is high in fiber, and 2 days of 30 minutes of casual exercise a week, is all it takes to lose all the weight you need. The medicine in our Lipoblast infusion is also linked to lifespan longevity and increasing energy.

One particularly beneficial compound in our Lipoblast formula is Phosphatidylcholine.  Phosphatidylcholine is a naturally occurring component of our cell membranes. It is found in very high concentrations when we are young and is slowly depleted as we age. A safe and effective therapeutic agent, Phosphatidylcholine plays an important role in many areas including fat metabolism. Phosphatidylcholine promotes lipolysis thus allowing you to burn fat faster than your inherent metabolic rate. In other words, it gives you the metabolism that only a small population of us are born with! Lipoblast works across two key pathways:
  • Transportation of the fat you eat to your cells so the fat can be burned for energy. The result is that Phosphatidylcholine can help prevent future weight gain during the always challenging maintenance phase of the therapy
  • Disposal of current fat cells by transporting fatty acids to mitochondria in the cell. This means that instead of sugar being the first thing your body burns, fat is instead the first in line
The result is significant, long-lasting weight loss. Sign-up for Lipoblast IV infusion therapy today by completing our Contact us form.

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