Fractional Laser FRACTORA

Fractora Laser Facial Resurfacing

Rejuvenate & Restore Skin with a Versatile Fractional Skin Treatment, Fractora is the most advanced fractional radio-frequency treatment providing anti-aging improvements on skin tone and texture for a more radiant appearance through ablation and skin resurfacing.

Fractora is the most advanced fractional radiofrequency(RF) treatment which provides anti-aging improvements on skin texture and tone for more radiant look by utilizing ablation and skin resurfacing. Fractora delivers radiofrequency energy to the skin through an organized array of pins producing localized heat and small micro-lesion dots in the treatment area. The gentle heat generated by the Fractora pins in the sub-dermal tissue promotes collagen restructuring for skin rejuvenation and an improved appearance in the skin. The methodical scattering of micro-lesions allows the skin to heal faster than if the entire area was ablated. What this means is that the majority of repair is being done under the skin, maximizing your results, but the damage to the surface is more minimal, allowing you to heal faster and better than with traditional resurfacing machines like Fraxel and CO2 technologies. Fractora is a more intense treatment, allowing us to treat deeper lines and scarring than with Matrix RF. Fractora can be performed on both high and low settings. This dual function allows patients to receive more intense results with a bit more downtime or a series of treatments with much lower downtime, but more treatments for maximum results. The Inmode machine has separate attachments for each modality. The same handpiece is used for Fractora whether Dr. Ramirez or the technicians do the treatment but different settings are used as well as different treatment tips.

Who Are The Best candidates for Fractora treatments?

An ideal candidate is a patient with mild to moderate wrinkles, loose lax skin, and superficial textural abnormalities. Typically, our patients are those who want to avoid a facelift, but are looking for tighter, younger, more rejuvenated skin. Fractora device can be safely and effectively used on any body area. In clinical applications, the device has been safely and effectively utilized on the face, neck, hands, chest, back, and extremities. Best of all, because Fractora utilizes radiofrequency energy rather than a monochromatic laser, it is safer in dark skin types.

What areas are treated with Fractora?

Because the RF depth is variable, and different treatments tips (both is size and depth) can be used, treatments can be customized for each person which is unique to this machine relative to other RF machines. Fractora can be used in areas that reveal fine or deep wrinkles, scars, or excesseively discolored red and brown skintone. The most commonly treated areas include lower eyelid, smile lines, cheeks, mouth, and neck. Most often the face and neck are treated together, it is also possible to treat smalller areas like the cheeks and nose,where there may be localized acne scarring. Fractora treatments have also been done on stretchmarks on the body. Fractora can be combined with other treatments including Forma (which can be done the same day to tighten skin) to enhance the effects. Fractora can also be used in the same treatment session or a few days after other treatments. It can also be combined with additional energy treatments such as IPL or injectibles to achieve a more extensive full face result, called a Fractotal Facial.

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