About Paradigm Hormones

Our History

P aradigm Hormones began in 2014 as a single clinic located in Moore, OK (outside of Oklahoma City). The clinic was founded by Henry Ramirez, MD, FACOG. Dr. Ramirez had previously functioned as the medical director of one of the largest low testosterone brands in the United States. Dr. Ramirez’s approach to hormone therapy is based on sound science and he is committed to staying apprised of the latest research on the topics of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and preventative medicine. He is one of only two physicians in Oklahoma certified in Advanced Hormone Replacement Therapy by WorldLink Medical.

As baby boomers continue to age, they expect the highest quality of life. Hormone deficiency management is a key contributor to maintaining health and vitality. Paradigm Hormones is focused on positively impacting the health of our patients before illness, a true focus on preventative medicine and quality of life.

he future is wellness and preventative medicine, and Paradigm Hormones is at the forefront of understanding and offering this to their patients.

Meet the OKC/Moore Medical Team

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