Paradigm in Moore is the metro’s leader in hormone replacement, wellness, aesthetics and graceful aging solutions. We provide state of the art of the art technology to help you live your life to the fullest. Our medical team is specially trained in hormone replacement therapy, vitamin deficiency, weight loss, lasers and much more. When you’re looking to enhance your life… Choose Paradigm Restore Medspa!


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Hormones can effect nearly every thing you do – everyday. We specialize in treating men for low testosterone, and women with bio-identical replacement. We offer complete testing to make sure all your hormones, including the thyroid, are working together optimally.



Weightloss is complex. There is no one size fits all solution for losing weight. Often we find that weight is only a symptom of another underlying issue. We fix your hormones or your thyroid, and your body starts burning calories more efficiently.  We can also add a weightloss plan to make sure you are getting to your goal as quickly as possible.


Looking as young as you feel is a goal for many men and women. Fortunately today’s technology gives us many tools to help you turn back the clock. Talk with us in a FREE consultation to find out your options for looking better and feeling great.

What Is Low Testosterone?

Beginning at age 35 (and in some cases younger), men and women may start to experience a drop in their hormone levels associated with andropause for men and menopause for women. A variety of symptoms may occur including fatigue, moodiness, loss of libido, and weight gain. Through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, both men and women can return to the health, vitality, and mental clarity of their younger days. Learn more.